ABC Nutrition on Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast may not be a staple in your diet now but once you read the benefits adding it to foods, it just may become a new staple in your kitchen cupboard. Also known as savory yeast or nooch, nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast made from sugarcane and beet molasses. Not to be confused with brewer’s yeast which is a byproduct of beer making and very bitter, nutritional yeast is often used as a condiment due to its nutty, cheesy flavor. It may be found in flakes, granules, or a powder form. Nutritional yeast can’t replace a whole meal, but if you add it to your food a few times a week, it does provide vitamins, especially for vegans or vegetarians, who are concerned with getting en

ABC Nutrition On Think Zinc

Think Zinc: From Strong Bones to Baby Health Although women only need zinc in a small daily dosage, about 8 mg women 19 and older, 11-12 for pregnant and nursing, it’s an essential mineral for many reasons. Zinc boosts immunity, balances hormones, builds muscle, heals wounds, and builds strong bones. For women who are pregnant, nursing, and postnatal, meeting recommended allowances for zinc may help to lower the risk of delivering a premature baby. In fact, developing babies require a healthy dose of zinc which puts mothers at an increased risk for deficiency. Here, ABC Nutrition gives recommendations as getting enough daily zinc! A. Seeds- Zinc may help boost immunity and help you kick that

ABC Nutrition on Celebrating Selenium with 6 Brazil Nuts

Selenium is a truly magnificent nutrient because of all the benefits women get from it. For starters, selenium is needed for the thyroid to function optimally. Why is the thyroid so important? Well, it produces hormones that regulate metabolism, the heart, digestion, brain development, and bone maintenance. Sounds pretty serious right? Women's hormones change continuously and selenium is important in finding the proper balance whether it is for your cycle, pregnancy, postnatal, or menopause. In addition, selenium is a powerful antioxidant that can protect against free radicals and cancer. Read on as ABC Nutrition highlights some vegetable and vegetarian options for selenium. A. Brazil Nuts-



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