Ghee: The Better Butter

Although butter may get a bad rep in today’s world, it is universal food, used in nearly all cultures. Originating in India, ghee is a sacred food often used for medicinal benefits. The problem with the usual hard stick butter found in every food market is that it is made from cows that have been treated with antibiotics. In addition, it is highly processed which removes just about all of the naturally occurring vitamins. Clarified butter is similar to ghee, except that ghee has been simmered a little longer to bring out the flavor and create a higher smoke point. This makes ghee ideal for high heat cooking since you won’t need to worry about burning it. Women who choose to follow a ketogenic diet will definitely want to invest in some ghee to increase energy and support weight loss. Most people describe ghee as tasting just like butter- but more buttery. Read on for some ABC health benefits of ghee!

A. High in Vitamins A, E, & K: Ghee is a great source for fat soluble vitamins. For women who are living with leaky gut, IBS, or Crohn’s, absorbing nutrients is a challenge. Ghee is an efficient way to get these vitamins naturally from your food at a highly absorbable rate. These vitamins are important for the creation of hormones, blood circulation, and bone health. Spread some ghee on your morning buckwheat waffle or use it to fry some eggs in a pan for some added healthy fats and disease fighting vitamins.

B. Improves Digestion: A fat called butyrate found in ghee is essential for gut health. Some studies have even shown that this fat might fight inflammation, improve insulin levels, and provide pain relief from people suffering from digestive problems. Butyrate provides energy to the probiotic flora in your gut which reduces bloating and strengthens your immune system. Tossed steamed vegetables with ghee for a nice buttery flavor that will soothe your stomach.

C. Decreases Weight: Another healthy fat found in ghee is called CLA. CLA has been praised for its ability to promote weight loss and reduce waist circumference. You may have found CLA capsules sold in supplement shops in the weight management section. However, I would recommend eating ghee instead of taking a supplement because it is always better to get nutrients from your foods first and foremost. To get the most from ghee, use it in any baking recipe that calls for cooking oil.

Ghee only contains trace amounts of lactose, therefore unless you are severely lactose intolerant it should not upset your stomach. Always purchase grass fed, hormone free ghee in stores. Adding ghee to any meal will provide more depth and richness to the flavor; it will be noticeably delicious!