Sip on These to Cool Down your Inflammation

When it comes to health, it’s always best to keep it simple. Keeping a natural diet is probably one of the smartest actions you can take. Our bodies break down unprocessed foods much easier than processed junk. This holds true when it comes to our drinks. Blended beverages, lattes, and energy drinks are often processed and modified with artificial flavors, sweeteners, and sugars. If you are suffering from inflammation, or want to avoid it before it catches up to you, try to avoid highly-processed beverages. ABC Nutrition is here to give you three anti-inflammatory drinks that are not to be ignored in your diet:

  1. Water — With about 60% of our bodies being made up of it, how could we go wrong by drinking it? Water keeps you hydrated, packs on zero calories, and can be extremely beneficial to curbing your appetite without doing damage to your health. The benefits of water go on and on, really. Aim to drink about two liters of water each day—your body will thank you for that super hydrating. Don’t like the plain taste? Try adding some fresh fruit to it, or maybe some mint. There are lots of ways to flavor your water, so get creative and enjoy!

  2. Tea — There are so many flavors to choose from, but be careful what you label as “tea.” Bottled beverages with added sugars and preservatives are not what we are talking about here. Freshly brewed, loose-leaf tea is the way to go for the anti-inflammatory fight. It is a natural way to add both flavor and antioxidants to your water. In particular, black and green teas have proven to be effective in the fight against inflammation due to antioxidants like theaflavins and catechins. So, splurge on some teabags and invite some friends over for a little anti-inflammatory tea party!

  3. Rich-colored fruit juices — Make your own healthy fruit juice. Take fresh or frozen fruit, blend it with water or coconut water, and combine for a delicious drink. Better be careful here, though. Fruits like sweet red cherries are a no-go because they have so much sugar that they would promote bodily inflammation rather than fight it. However, if you choose wisely, you can find some great fruit juices to get rid of that uncomfortable inflammatory feeling. Tart cherries, for example, are a splendid choice to calm inflammation and promote better health. The antioxidants in fruits like this—and others of similar colors, like grapes and blueberries—are called anthocyanins. They are extremely effective in fighting inflammation and calming its symptoms. Some tart cherry and beet juice would do just the trick to lesson your inflammation and de-stress your body.

Your diet is not all about the food that you eat. Drinks contribute to your caloric intake, symptoms of illness, and overall health. Don’t confuse your body by making it break down processed junk and added sugars. Instead, aim to hydrate it with smart beverage choices. Start controlling your inflammation with better decisions about the liquids in your glass and start reaping the benefits of an overall better health.