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Healthy assortment of yellow foods


Get Your Body Back!


Escape the rollercoaster of low energy, poor sleep and low li

Stop suffering with cravings and lose weight

Stop guessing what to eat only to feel like you still got it wrong

Gain confidence in knowing what your body need


Menopause can make you feel like you're not in control of your own body. I work with women suffering from Menopause to live and manage their symptoms so they feel confident with their food, diet, and bodies.


Stop guessing what to eat

Lose weight

Sleep soundly

Gain control

Get past the frustrations of Menopause and on your way to a healthy lifestyle in 6 weeks!

If you struggle with Menopause, I'd like to invite you to contact my office. We'll work together to figure out why you've been stuck and I'll create a plan specifically customized to you.


Stop the struggle

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